August Member Learning Event: Debate & Drinks!

Come join us for our third ML of the summer: DEBATE & DRINKS!

For this ML we are planning to have some low-key drinks and rounded discussion about some of the most pertinent topics in development and how to facilitate ethic practice of international intervention in a globalized world. We will provide topics and assign sides with the goal of understanding an issue from all sides of the coin.

There will a winning duo as determined by the panel, who will be entitiled to some free beverages or a bar snack of their chosing! Look forward to seeing you all out there. Please register for this event using the Eventbrite link:

WHERE: C’est What?

WHEN: Wednesday August 16th @ 7:30

July Member Learning Recap: Human Centered Design in Ghana

On July 15th, the Toronto Professional Chapter held an outdoor, interactive Member Learning (ML) session that threw participants into the world of a field researcher in Ghana.

Their mission: to solve the problem of gaps in data and understanding, and ultimately come up with a design that will support farmers in scaling up their business to improve their bottom line profits. Each individual was assigned a role and stayed very true to character albeit the occasional break to laugh! Through visits with an ostrich egg farmer, a premium vegetable producer, a wine maker, a reluctant coconut farmer, and others, research teams learned more and more about the need to for farmers to keep stable financial records to display their business potential to investors. At the end, each research team came up with carefully planned solution based on the principles of human centered design.

Thank you all for attending!

Engineers Without Borders Member Learning Event: Human Centered Design in Ghana

Our next member learning event is an exciting and interactive session on Human Centered Design in Ghana.   Your mission at this event will be to solve the problem of gaps in data and understanding, and ultimately come up with a design that will support the poor in cultivating better livelihoods. Please see the following link for more information.

All are welcome!  Please be sure to RSVP if you’re able to make it.  You won’t want to miss it!

North East Corner of queens park Details to follow

Saturday June 15th 1pm to 3pm