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EWB Toronto operates a variety of programs. If you want to get involved or request a presentation or demonstration at your organization, please contact us!

Member Learning

The member learning group cultivates and supports a collaborative educational environment for members of the Toronto Professional Chapter to increase knowledge in the areas of international development, the role of Canadians, and pro-development consumer choices.  We engage members through workshops, discussions, presentations and the sharing of resources to build an awareness and understanding of human development issues. We empower members to make a difference in the alleviation of extreme poverty, and spur on action to promote human development.

Program Activities:

  • Coordinating guest speakers
  • Researching topics of interest and creating a workshop/presentation (i.e. fair trade, overseas volunteer case study, tied aid, agricultural subsidies, socially responsible investing)
  • Arranging for EWB to present at various functions and events in Toronto

Public Outreach

This group raises awareness in the Toronto community to better understand how we can respond to one of the world’s greatest challenges: extreme poverty.  The groups main goals are:

  • Engaging and partnering with individuals of all ages, organizations, and governments to promote the adoption and implementation of development-enabling activities and policies.
  • Inward looking to see what we can do here in Canada by way of engaging the public to promote global human development.
  • Provide an easy inlet to EWB for interested participants.

Program Activities:

  • Organizing and coordinate Run to End Poverty
  • Volunteers present the “Water for the World” or “Food for Thought” workshops to elementary school students across Toronto during National Engineering Month
  • Help plan social events for members

Corporate Engagement

We strive to increase employee knowledge and awareness of development issues through workshops at workplaces.  The long-term vision of this program is to build partnerships with Toronto based companies to create an understanding of possible pro-development actions and increased support of EWB. Our chapter members become workplace ambassadors who foster partnerships with their workplaces.

Program Activities:

  • Establish and build our relationships with company workplace ambassadors by providing info / support / training
  • Support the development of a workplace program that encompasses presentations and fundraising campaigns
  • Develop a Workplace Ambassador tool kit
  • Support Workplace Ambassadors as they organize events or fundraising campaigns
  • Help introduce fair trade coffee into the workplace

Overseas Partnership

In order to understand and support EWB’s overseas work, feel connected to it, and to continually learn about development, we partner with long-term overseas volunteers who work in Africa for EWB.

One of our overseas volunteers was Dan Olsen. Dan worked within the Ghanaian government to develop improved planning mechanisms for rural infrastructure projects. The Ghanaian government operates at three levels: federal; regional; and district. The Good Governance team in Ghana is working at the regional and district level to improve the flow of information from the field, to the districts, and ultimately to the regional coordination units. Understanding field realities will lead to better allocation and prioritization of infrastructure projects.

In order to support our overseas partnerships, we engage in member learning, workplace outreach, and fundraising specifically focused on our overseas volunteers.

Leadership Development

Our chapter’s mission is to energize and support the growth of social entrepreneurs who will promote human development in the workplace and take action to contribute to alleviating extreme poverty. Social entrepreneurs need two skill-sets to be successful: knowledge and vision on the topic of interest; and leadership. Our chapter’s member learning group helps to grow the knowledge-base within the chapter. The objective of the leadership development program is to build the leadership capacity of our members.

The leadership program is about helping members identify leadership skills they would like to improve, then creating programs and events to work towards that.  Possible “leadership skills” include public speaking, organizational skills, fundraising, facilitation, vision planning.

Program Activities:

  • Running team building and skill building sessions in meetings.
  • Organizing retreats to build leadership capacity within the chapter membership.
  • Individual coaching with chapter members towards achieving their specific goals.

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