Engineers Without Borders Member Learning Event: Human Centered Design in Ghana

Our next member learning event is an exciting and interactive session on Human Centered Design in Ghana.   Your mission at this event will be to solve the problem of gaps in data and understanding, and ultimately come up with a design that will support the poor in cultivating better livelihoods. Please see the following link for more information.

All are welcome!  Please be sure to RSVP if you’re able to make it.  You won’t want to miss it!

North East Corner of queens park Details to follow

Saturday June 15th 1pm to 3pm

PIVOT is recruiting!

Here is a note from Sara (!

As a systems thinking leader, you have an opportunity and the ability to take action in your organization. The world is changing, workforces are changing, and stakeholders are changing. Some quick facts:

  • human experience is now at the heart of defining and delivering value for business;
  • a company’s relationships with society puts approximately 30%of corporate earnings at stake;
  • 87%of millennials believe that business success should be measured in terms of more than just financial performance;
  • culture and values are the biggest predictors of employee satisfaction.

The common element in all of these is people. I believe that as people (stakeholders, customers, and employees) demand more, companies will need to tap into their people to help create the world we all want to see. At the seventh workshop of the Engineering Change Lab (ECL), we will work to advance engineering workplaces by empowering people to find purpose in their core work.

I’m looking for someone like you + 1 senior leader from your organization join us to explore what drives you and your colleagues, and to transform that into action for a more meaningful and engaging workplace.

This workshop is the first step in a year-long process that will include guided peer-to-peer coaching in the ECL, continuous support from me to integrate the thinking and action into your organization, and a tracking system to measure your organizational progress. There is limited space available to be included in this first cohort and February is approaching fast!

Have questions? Great! Let’s talk this week, at your convenience, about next steps. Contact me via email or via phone 514-913-4820. 

Engineering Change Lab Workshop #7

February 24-25

Donald Gordon Centre, Kingston, ON

Pivot enables organizations to meaningfully engage their employees to contribute by to having a positive impact on their organization, their industry, and society by working towards the world that we want to live in. 

 The Engineering Change Lab is a platform for collaboration between individuals and organizations addressing systemic challenges (employee engagement, ethics, diversity, innovation, etc.) that hold back the engineering profession and its people.

 Sara Baptiste-Brown, MSc

Pivot Program Director | Directrice du programme Pivot |

EWB Professional Engagement Manager | Directrice d’engagement professionnel d’ISF | | 514-913-4820 | | @Pivot_EWB

Advocacy and The UN Sustainable Development Goals – A Round Table Discussion

Join us for a round table discussion about how we can transform our world!  The discussion will be held on Saturday, November 26th, and our main topic will be the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sasha Caldera from EWB’s advocacy campaign #ChallengeAccepted will be leading a discussion about how we can all play a part in achieving these goals and ensure our government is investing in those who need it most. Then we will focus on a few goals in particular, Gender Equality, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Quality Education, in discussions lead by our members Polliana Mendonca and Khalil Kelani.

Come share your knowledge, experience, ideas, or passion. Whether you’re knowledgeable or simply curious, everyone will take something away from the discussion and have valuable input to add.  Don’t miss out!  Visit this link UN SDG and let us know if you’d like to add a goal to discuss on the day.

Oh! There will be snacks, refreshments and great company, as usual.  Donations are welcomed. Register here!

Mining Shared Value!

Mining Shared Value venture of EWB is presenting on their work this Monday, November 14th at Ryerson University in Toronto. They will be talking about their project with the German development agency GIZ to create a local procurement reporting initiative to standardize how mining companies report on their local procurement. The purpose of having all companies using the same language and format to report on their economic impacts is to allow them to better manage their local procurement, and empower stakeholders such as host country governments to improve the impacts of mining. 

What: MSV Presents at Ryerson as part of “Sustainble Procurement: 2 New Initiatves”

When: Monday, November 14th, 12noon to 2pm

Where: Ryerson Ted Rogers School of Management, 55 Dundas Street, Toronto

Room Number: TRS 3-119 on the 9th floor