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Do you want to get involved in the EWB Toronto Professional Chapter, but are not sure how to go about it?

If you are interested in learning more about a variety of international development issues, you can get involved by attending our Member Learning Events. You can also reach out directly to the Team Leaders.

If you would like to learn more about the organisation, or become involved with the Chapter more generally, please send an email to our mailbox:

We have some specific EWB Chapter Executive positions for which we are recruiting. The positions are as follows:

VP Finance
The VP Finance is accountable for ensuring financial sustainability of the Chapter. Specific responsibilities of the VP Finance include:

  • Developing and maintaining an annual budget;
  • Reimbursing chapter leaders on claims;
  • Accepting donations and ensuring CRA receipts are issued;
  • Interfacing with the National Office point of contact for all financial matters;
  • Preparing monthly reports for National Office;
  • Maintaining the chapter account ledger and financial records for all expenses & revenues;
  • Support the chapter leaders in doing their budgets, managing their expenses, and driving revenues.

If you are interested in this role please complete the application form: EWB VP Finance Application and submit it to Brian Putre as indicated in the form.

VP Communications
The VP Communications is responsible for developing and maintaining the communications infrastructure of EWB Toronto. Specific responsibilities of the VP Communications include:

  • Developing a communications strategy for the year (summer 2018 to summer 2019);
  • Managing internal documents and communications on Google Drive;
  • Managing the Chapter communication outlets: website, email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite;
  • Issuing bi-monthly newsletters to EWB mailing list;
  • Ensuring that all external messaging through all forms of communication (e.g. print, video, social) is consistent with the vision, attitude, values and beliefs of the Chapter and of EWB;
  • Analyzing communications efforts to determine the impact of communications and marketing efforts across all communication categories (web, newsletter, social media, etc.);
  • Tweaking communications strategies accordingly;
  • Staying up-to- date on matters related to EWB’s rebranding and working with National Office on ensuring that our website and online presence is in alignment with the current EWB brand;
  • Issuing certificates of appreciation and ‘Thank You’ letters to friends and donors of EWB;
  • Other communication-related tasks as needed.

If you are interested in this role please complete the application form: EWB VP Communications Application and submit it to Brian Putre as indicated in the form.

EWB Toronto Pro Chapter President
This role is best described in the application form at the link below. It will require a significant commitment over the next 15 months. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A 15 month commitment, including a minimum of 12 months as President (maximum of 24 months), plus an additional 3 months to help facilitate the transition of a new incoming President;
  • A minimum of 6 hours a week of time commitment;
  • Developing and leading the chapter’s vision and strategy;
  • Regularly managing your team through a combination of meetings, retreats, 1-on- 1s and emails;
  • Supporting the larger chapter network;
  • Interacting with EWB at the national level, including other chapter presidents and the EWB national office;
  • Attending the Presidents’ Retreat in August 2018, and the 2019 EWB National Conference; and
  • Being a full paying member of EWB Toronto Professional (required to apply).

If you are interested in this role please review and complete the application form: EWB Chapter President Application; submit completed form to Brian Putre as indicated.

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