May 2015 Shop Day

Shop Days are Engineers Without Borders’ Toronto Professional chapter’s all-purpose engagement event. The EWB team combines learning with community awareness and action. At the Shop Day hosted at the National Head Office in Toronto on 2nd May 2015 all attendees participated in the #PoliticsAside campaign by sharing via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Learn More Here. Sasha Caldera, from the Advocacy Team spoke about the #PoliticsAside campaign (which aims to bring Canada’s development funding back to its historic peak of 0.34% of Gross National Income and beyond).

Suraj Bhardwaj, conducted an interactive workshop designed by Little Cloud Collective. The process of UX design in tackling challenges, encountered by overseas ventures that aim to improve education, medical, and sanitation standards, was tackled via whiteboarding (and my not so great artistic capabilities). We get to see what other people are doing in EWB by bringing them into present and engage in discussions, we get to know each other, and finally, we decide what we are going to do as a chapter over the next period. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out the next shop day.

More updates to follow. Stay Tuned.

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